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The Manchester Differential Analyzers

Manchester Metropolitan Vickers
                        Differential Analyzer
Picture from Crank (1947)
The full scale Metropolitan Vickers differential analyzer at Manchester University.
  • A: integrators
  • B: output table
  • C: input table
  • D: dual input table
A substantial section of this machine is on permanent display in the Science Museum in London. A smaller section has been fully restored and is displayed and demonstrated at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

The Hartree and Porter Meccano differential analyzer built in 1934 at a cost of £20.   It achieved an accuracy of about 2%.
  • 1: Output table
  • 2: Integrator
  • 3: Input table
  • 4: Torque amplifier motor
  • 5: Independent variable motor
  • 6: Drive to output table
  • 7: Drives to pencil holders
  • 8: Bus shafts
A fourth integrator was added to the machine after this picture was taken.    That  integrator  is the only surviving part of this machine and is on display in the Science Museum in London (currently in the Turing exhibit).
Manchester Meccano Differential Analyzer
Picture from Hartree (1935)

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