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I've always been fascinated by Meccano, almost exclusively with mechanism and models the "do something real." Unfortunately, I never retained photographic records of many of the machines from my youth, but I recall astronomical clocks, orreries, looms and other textile machinery, a gear cutting machine (which cut usable gears in brass), and perhaps most enduring, the differential analyzer (an analog computer).  

This latter has been a lifelong interest and rarely has been the time I have not had some variant assembled. Most recently, having fully conquered the challenge of the differential analyzer, I became interested in the Difference and Analytical Engines of Charles Babbage (pioneering attempts to build mechanical digital computers in the 19th century). Having completed a working models of the difference engines, and after several discussion threads of these machines on the Spanner email group, I'm finally getting round to documenting these on this web site.

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    Babbage's difference engines - historical and mathematical background
         Robinson's difference engine #1
Robinson's difference engine #2
    Babbage's analytical engine
    Differential analyzers - historical background
         Details of my Meccano differential analyzer
    Decimal Counter


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